About Us

Smakkfitness provides a comfortable and effective workout space along with equipment and products, that also strive to be self- sustaining. We have developed an environment wherein we can reduce our total carbon emissions by 60% while still maintaining a first-rate, state-of-the-art gym facility that provides our members with a great workout experience.

Smakkfitness takes a comprehensive approach to creating an environmentally friendly fitness club by evaluating all aspects of how our business operates, how our facilities use energy, and how we can influence our members to engage in eco-friendly practices in their daily lives.

Smakkfitness is located in LEED certified or Built Green Commercial buildings. These buildings are designed and built to lower their impact on the environment by using locally grown and sustainable building materials and drastically lowering water and electricity needs by using energy efficient lighting and appliances and through well insulated building envelopes. While the number of these type of buildings are ever increasing, they are still limited, however we can still apply Built Green principles to any tenant improvements such as cork and recycled rubber flooring for yoga, cardio and weight rooms, zero VOC paints, and ENERGY STAR lights and appliances.

Secondly, we are using alternative clean energy methods for meeting our electricity needs. Our cardio fitness equipment is designed so that we can capture electricity from the equipment and use it for our electricity needs. We are also utilizing solar power from two PV solar panels. Finally, we have elected to buy any additional electricity that we need from the power company from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. We also encourage our members to engage in environmentally friendly practices around the club and in their daily lives. Members are encouraged to turn off lights, TV’s, and cardio equipment when not in use, and we are currently working on ways to provide incentives to our members for finding alternative ways of getting to the gym such as walking or riding their bikes.

Our members are able to make the gym their own space by controlling their environment while saving the environment: Don’t like the radio station? Change it. Want to watch TV? Pick a station. Want the lights off? Turn them off. Treat the gym like home...